2022: Covid, war and anxiety

Posted by: | Posted on: February 28, 2022

When zenconnect was founded, we never imagined how important our work will be due to the strength of our relationship and collaboration and more, in these vulnerable times. 

Pandemic. Pain, fear, breathing shortness, loss, grief, social distancing, less movement due to lockdowns and quarantine, separation, anxiety, loneliness, depression, insomnia, binge eating, work from home. 

War. Witnessing crimes. Violence. Fearing one person’s unexpected plans. Fearing for ourselves, our pets, our family. Our home. Our physical and mental integrity. Our life. Tension, anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, helplessness. 

Sometimes, my profession feels like being the first line of mental health wars: generalised anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicide, helplessness. I am grateful to have the opportunity to support the clients that will ask for help and I am honoured to be part of their life when they need it most. When we decided to start zenconnect, almost 4 years ago officially, but about 7 years in practice, we wanted to help people at a deep level, to consider their emotional, mental and physical needs. So, our psychosomatic program was “born” – a program where you work in an integrated way with a Psychologist and a Physiotherapist. And they are working also as a team, considering your aims in an integrative approach, following your progress and respecting your needs. 

I am confident that zenconnect, even if it is still latent, will show its strength and importance in the near future. More and more people will understand how powerful the mind-body connection is and how they can address its needs, how to nurture it so they will reach their full potential. 

At zenconnect we help people that have deep struggles and they need a boost. People that want to enjoy life with its good and less good aspects, and people that understand that they have the power to deal with anything it might arise. We are inspired by true heroes and we truly believe there is a great within if you do good to the people in need and if you put yourself into the service of others, as a professional, by taking care of yourself too. Otherwise, how could you pour water from an empty glass? 

At zenconnect, a professional team dedicated to human wellbeing is here for you. We trained ourselves to face the most challenging issues a human being can experience and we continue to learn and specialize in our fields so we shorten any pathway a person on its own will travel much more than with us. 

Be kind to yourself. 

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