You are not alone.

Posted by: | Posted on: January 31, 2022

March 2020. We are far from China, but not really. What we were looking at like an audience, starts to transform us slowly in the actors. We start taking part in the same show: COVID-19 pandemic.

All this context sent us, our beloved ones and what we knew as normal into a big abyss of uncertainty, fear and loss. We, as professionals were witnessing while adapting to our new reality and doing our best to find solutions to support our clients, but this time… online. Now, the social distance we were asked to maintain was at risk to become isolation. A greater distance was growing between us, a distance that can be more „deep” than the physical one: a mental and emotional distance.

We’ve experienced and we still do, in the last 2 years a lot of fear, anxiety, depression, loss, grief. Sometimes, on our own, all alone, behind a screen. For me, this screen was a great opportunity to connect with my clients and to be there when nothing in-person was possible. At zenconnect, we were closed 11 months/13 months. We’ve adapted our programs, our schedule and more than the professional routine, the personal one, just to function at an optimal level for those in need. We were obliged to adapt quickly, to be able to offer support to our clients. And we’ve managed to do so, one proof is this fact, that I am writing on our blog.

In all this time the persons I’ve worked with were experiencing loneliness at great levels, and more, the stress levels were high. I’ve witnessed behind a screen but fully engaged in the therapeutic alliance, the fear of loss: of own health, of beloved persons, of life. We are not yet able to understand the real impact and the consequences at a physical, mental and emotional level, but I have a suspicion that we were living a sort of collective trauma, or at least, that all this pandemic triggered us in the most challenging ways. Think only about the funerals’ ritual and how we were able to say goodbye to a beloved one.

In all this context, it is important to rely on your social and support network, and where there is none, to start small: build, step by step, one. Sometimes, people will need to start a therapeutic process to learn specific skills to create meaningful relationships, and this is ok. Better later, than never, says a saying. If you look out there, into your life, into your environment, you are not alone. You just need to ask for help, for support and to allow to be witnessed. Maybe all this pandemic split us more than we were before but also unlocked and showed us the power of community – how important ist o remain connected, no matter how, and to ask for help when needed.

You are not alone. Why? If you need help, and there seems to be no one, you have us: mental health professionals to guide you, witness you, support you until you transform yourself into your best friend and you start creating authentic relationships based on values that you cherish. In this big world, it can be easy to be lost, to feel lonely, but if you start finding your inner strength, and build a resilient self, no matter what happens out there, you will rely on yourself, you will be comfortable in your mind and body.

You are not alone. You never were. You will never be. We are here for you.

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